Faculty & Staff

+ Pre School

Tamara Staley (PK Director)

Jordan Lewis (PK3 Teacher)

Karley Blane (PK3 Instructional Assistant)

Jessica Cannon (PK4 Teacher)

Jordan Bishop (PK4 Instructional Assistant)

+ Lower School

Tamara Staley (Admissions/PK Director; Lower School Administrator)

Lauren Cotthoff (Kindergarten)

Meg Sowell (Instructional Assistant)

Whitney Durham (Kindergarten)

Kayce Gilkey (Instructional Assistant)

Betty Holmes (Instructional Assistant)

Helen Marschand (First Grade)

Nikki Jones (Second Grade)

Ali Lancaster (Second Grade)

Alisha Lee (Third Grade English/Spelling/GVC)

Cindy Miles (Third Grade Math/Science/Social Studies)

Lisa Allen (Fourth & Fifth Grade Math)

Vicki Luckey (Fourth & Fifth Grade English/Social Studies)

Sherry McGowan (Fourth & Fifth Grade Reading/Spelling)

Tracey Williams (Fourth & Fifth Grade Science)

Lower School Specials

Rhea Ann Wyatt (Art)

Hilda Hernandez (Spanish)

Leslie Flick (Lower School Physical Education)

Louise Ashby (Library)

Robin Davis (Library Assistant)

Josh Hill (Music)

Kimberly Borneman (Computers)

+ Middle and Upper School


Marvin Denison (Upper School Director; Counselor; Teacher)

Barbara Kissner (Middle School Director; Teacher)

Mathematics/Computer Science

Gracie Davis (US Math)

Ashlie Ezell (MS Math)

Judy Keller (US Advanced Mathematics)

Cindy Nahlik (Mathematics, US Computer Science)


Carson Armstrong (MS Science)

Tana Loden (US Science, US Health)

Kim Humphries (US Science)

Cindy Nahlik (US Science)

Kim Quesenberry (US Science)

Social Studies

Marvin Denison (Upper School Director; Counselor; US Government)

Wayne Goolsby (Upper School Social Studies)

Ansley Grace (Middle School Social Studies; Health)

Josh Hill (Choral Music; ACT Skills)

John Watson (World Geography)

Katie Gibson ( AP U.S. History Instructor)

Terry Hayes (Middle School History)

Barbara Kissner (Middle School History)


Vanessa Hancock (MS English)

Sarah Cavanah (US & MS English)

Faye Hendricks (English Department Head, US English, US Art)

Jamie Kilijian (US English)

Barbara Kissner (Middle School Literature)


Myriam Aponte (Spanish)

Amy Craig (French)


Kimberly Borneman (MS Technology)

Chance Carner (Weight Training)

Leslie Flick (Physical Education)

Faye Hendricks (US Art)

Tony Kirves (Photography/Videography)

Kristen Roberts (Graphic Arts, Journalism, Yearbook, Marketing)

+ Administration & Staff


Tonya Oakley (Head of School)

Barbara Kissner (Middle School Director; Teacher)

Marvin Denison (Upper School Director; Counselor; Teacher; Facilities)

Front Office

Teresa Bailey (Office Manager)

Laura Cherry (Business Manager)

Donna Williams (Business Manager Assistant)

Technology Department

Rick Jennings (Technology Director)

Cindy Nahlik (Technology Assistant)


Laura McAfee (LS Guidance Counselor)

Michelle Dill (US Guidance Counselor)

Katie Gibson (Academic Counseling and Behavior Advisor)


Tamara Staley (Admissions Director; PK/Lower School Director)

Athletics Department

Taylor Sparks (Athletic Director)

Chance Carner (Assistant Athletic Director, Physical Education)

Brad Barker (Strength and Conditioning)

Leslie Flick (Physical Education)

Security Office

Paul Ray (School Safety Director/Officer)

Adam Robertson (School Safety Officer)

Dylan Greenwell (School Safety Officer)


Whitney Vonnahme


Meagan Conrad (PTO President)